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Vocal Therapy with Sarah Brown

‘Vocal Therapy’ is about helping singers and song writers free themselves and unblock their block!


We take time at the beginning of a session to examine any personal issues that might be affecting the singers’ state of mind and performance. We then work on releasing any pain and connecting the spiritual, emotional and physical. It’s when all of the above are connected that we fully step into our power and we allow the performance to become captivating. The goal is to perform from a place of authenticity.


Areas covered during vocal therapy:

  • Singers in studio settings
  • Live performance – story telling
  • Mic technique
  • Breath control

Sarah contributes advice to graduates of the Academy Of Contemporary Music.

‘I’ve had the honour of working with Sarah Brown and I’ve never met anyone who can unleash the inner depths of a voice like she can. I am eternally grateful to her – a musical midwife with talents, grace and compassion. I’m always inspired after as little as a second.’


Maeve Bluebell Wells

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